About us

LLC MetallStroy S&K has been in the market since 2009 in Belarus and Russian Federation.
Head of the corporation: Director - Titovets Sergey Petrovich
At the moment company has satisfactory human resources to achieve its goals. A company has 180 employees.
Customers are satisfied with the result of their requests in terms of time and quality.

The main activities:

  • Construction (modernization, reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance);
  • On-site and off-site networks of water supply and sewerage, heating networks with SODK, gas supply, electric networks, treatment facilities;
  • Own production of metal structures (manufacture of metal structures of any complexity for the construction of large facilities construction and population needs, development of KMD drawings);
  • Own production of lifts used to raise vehicles (lifting platforms, parking complexes);
  • Own production of welded beams;
  • Transport and special equipment services (truck cranes, tractors, excavators, loaders, dump trucks);
  • Shot blasting of metal;
  • Structures fire protection.

In 2013, our company was honored to win the award in the nomination of “Best Entrepreneur of the Year” in Gomel Regional Executive Committee.
In 2013, our company won tender for Belarus Railway electrification and became known in the Republic of Belarus as one of the private enterprises of the Republic, which cooperates with the Chinese Company in the field of electrification of railways; non-metal structures produced, which is confirmed by GOSSTANDARD.
In 2014, our company honored and awarded for the achieved performance by the Gomel * Regional Executive Committee - Diploma "Best Entrepreneur of the Year" in the nomination "Organizer of new jobs."
In 2015, Gomel Regional Executive Committee - awarded our company for the achieved performance with the acknowledgment “For an active life position, development of industrial production, creation of new jobs and the formation of socially responsible business”.
In 2016, our company won tender for “China Merchants Sino-Belarusian Commercial Logistics Park of the first stage in the Smolevichi district of the Minsk region” facility. Customer: Foreign Construction Unitary Enterprise Beijing Uni Bel-Construction Group. In the shortest period of 3 months, work was completed on the construction of the metal frame of the building (including the manufacture of metal structures) for 3,600 tons, general construction work was completed. This object defined as an object of Republican significance.
In 2018, Gomel Regional Executive Committee acknowledged the company as “Best Resident of the Free Economic Zone Gomel Raton”.
In 2018, our company won tender and successfully completed the project: “Construction of an industrial building (6 objects according to the general plan) in M2 quarter (B-03-04) of the China-Belarus Industrial Park”. Customer Sino-Belorussian CJSC "Industrial Park Development Company" Smolevichi district. An object defined as an object of Republican significance.