APG double column dependent parking lift 03.00.000

This parking lift made for vertical movement of the vehicles. It has one horizontally located platform.

The lower parking level is located on the ground. It is necessary to remove the vehicle from the lower level in order to exit the vehicle from the upper parking level. The mechanism is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders built into the mechanism (racks), raising and lowering the parking platform. The platform has a chain safety system to avoid skew.

This parking system can apply in outdoor conditions, as well as in any type of premises, due to the powerful column type hydraulic lifting mechanism, as well as ease of installation and small size.

The shaft and guides is not required for installation.

The main advantages of this independent parking system are ease of installation, small size, ease of use, low cost of the lift itself, as well as low maintenance cost.


APG Specifications 03.00.000:

1. Two hydraulic cylinder with a lock from the open high-pressure hitch

2. Auto lock (optical sensor)

3. The weight of the complex 0.8tn (without hydro)

4. Platform size: 4400x2380x170mm. The rack size is 250x150x2500mm (possible to increase the size of the platform to 5400x2500mm)

5. Payload: 2.0tn. (g / lift increase up to 3tn is possible)

6. Lifting height: up to 1850mm.

7. Dimensions of parked vehicles max 5200x1900x1900mm

8. The height of the entrance to the parking 130mm

9. Parking height when unfolded with two vehicles min 3200mm - max 3650mm

10. Platform raising and lowering time: 1-1.5 minutes

11. Power unit:

12. Operation method: button \ key - 24V. (Any control options if requested by the customer)

13. The hydroelectric station installed vertically on the column.

14. Minimum requirements for the foundation site.

15. A gap when installing multiple systems - min 350mm

16. Fire Suppression Systems installed if needed.