Independent parking lift APG 04.00.000

This parking intended for a vertical movement of the car with a 90̊ turn.

The system has one horizontal 90̊ swivel-parking platform with access from both sides, which lifts the vehicle to the upper level. The lower level of the parking is located on the floor level.

It is unnecessary to remove the vehicle from the lower level, in order to exit the vehicle from the upper parking level.
The mechanism is equipped with a mechanical power drive chain, which raises and lowers the parking platform. The shaft and guides is not required for the installation.

This parking system can be used in outdoor conditions, as well as in premises of any type, due to the powerful compact worm drive, ease of installation and small size.

The main advantages of this independent parking system - no need to rearrange cars, ease of installation, small size, ease of use, as well as low maintenance cost. As the result of this system, the number of parking spaces doubles.

Specifications APG 04.00.000:
1. Two mechanical gearboxes (for lifting and for turning the platform)
2. Auto lock (optical sensor)
3. The weight of the complex is 1.4 tons.
4. Installation size: 5670x2620x1985mm.
5. Payload: 2.0tn
6. Lifting height: up to 1750mm.
7. Dimensions of parked cars max 5200x2100x1700mm
8. The height of the entrance to the parking lot is 280mm
9. Parking height when unfolded with two cars min 3400mm - max 3650mm
10. Platform raising and lowering time: 1-1.5 minutes
11. Power node:

12. Operation method: button \ key - 24V. (Any control options are possible at the request of the customer)
13. Minimum requirements for the foundation site.

14. A gap when installing multiple systems - min 100mm
15. Fire Suppression Systems installed if needed.