Overhaul and maintenance

Some parts of the long-term operation building can wear out significantly and lose its visual appeal and comfort. The building may require major or ongoing repair in order to efficiently eliminate the effects of wear and tear.

Our company provides services for the overhaul and current construction of buildings and structures of any complexity and purpose. Call us and our expert will evaluate the complexity of work, calculate the amount of materials needed and the final cost proceed by the deadlines.

Overhaul is required when complete replacement or restoration of the building or its part is needed as well as engineering equipment.  Overhaul will help to put in order and work condition all the structural components of the house, return it to its maximum comfort and safety and restore its original condition. With a complete overhaul, residents must leave the building before its completion.

Overhaul should take place in several stages:

Maintenance is represented by construction, installation and commissioning to eliminate minor malfunctions and damage, prevent wear of the building, as well as improve the attractiveness by using new technologies and materials. Maintenance repair takes place when construction work partially done and carries out every few years.

Maintenance may include:

Building repair can be both scheduled and unscheduled or as an emergency. In any case, you can always have its implementation made by our company. We will do our best to translate everything that you planned into reality and add functionality and security to the room.