Construction facilities

The company "Metallstroy" is:

 - modernization,

 - reconstruction,

 - major and current repairs;

 - on-site and off-site water supply and sewerage networks, heating networks with SOD, gas supply, electricity networks, sewage treatment plants;

Our main construction facilities:
1. The Great Stone Industrial Park. Smolevichi district, Minsk region

1.1. "CHINA MERCHANT Chinese-Belarusian Commercial Logistics Park" Logistics warehouses 1,2,3 (Manufactured and installed in 3.5 months 3870 tons);

1.2. Construction of a research and production center for supercapacitors on the territory of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park;

1.3 "Construction of the plant for the production of internal combustion engines "MAZ-Veichai" - Energy center, Chemical warehouse, Pumping station, Industrial waste warehouse, Checkpoint No. 1, Checkpoint No. 2, administrative and household building.

1.4. "Construction of an industrial building (pos.6 according to the general plan) in the M2 block (B-03-04) of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park.

Including parts of the object:

- Administrative building with an area of 1750 m2;

- Production building with an area of 4814 m2;

- Auxiliary buildings (boiler house, transformer substation, area 503 m2); 

-Infrastructure of the facility (indoor, outdoor networks, landscaping, landscaping, lighting, etc.);

1.5. "Construction of a plant for the production of safety glass" Minsk;
1.6. "Distribution point RP 10 kW. JSC "Chinese Corporation of Metallurgy and Construction MSS15";

1.7. "Construction of a mining and processing complex with a design capacity of at least 1.1 million tons of potassium chloride per year":

- Preparatory period;

1.8. "Construction of a mining and processing complex with a design capacity of 1.1 to 2.2 million tons of potassium per year on the raw material base of the Nezhinsky (Eastern part) section of the Starobinsky potassium salt deposit.. The second stage":

- Preparatory period;

- Ore Storage;

- Central entrance;

- VGSO building;

- Transport checkpoint No. 1;

- Guard post;

- Crushing shop.


2. JSC "Mozyr refinery" Mozyr

Reconstruction of the facility:

2.1. "Increasing the productivity of a combined catalytic cracking plant and OPC facilities (Boilers)", On-site networks of technological pipelines. Water supply and sewerage networks. 

2.2. "Increasing the productivity of the combined MSCC catalytic cracking plant". III stage of construction";

2.3. Construction of the 2nd launch complex of the facility "Nitrogen station and air compressor No. 4 (AC and VC No. 4)";
2.4. "Construction of a building for cleaning and repair of pipe bundles".


3. "Petrikovsky mining and processing complex. The second stage"

 G. Petrikov

- Lot No. 1 Pumping station with a storage pond. General site works;

- Lot No. 1 Heater;

- Lot No. 1 Superstructure of a skip shaft with a cop;

- Lot No. 2 Aspiration.


4. Housing construction

- Construction of the object "Multi-apartment residential building on Lazarenko Street in the area of house No. 67 in the city of Mogilev with built-in attached premises and landscaping";

-"Construction of residential scrap at the address: RB, Gomel region, Gomel district, Krasnensky s/s, Krasnoe ag., Trudovaya str., U-8".

5. "Reconstruction of the Family Leisure summer cafe for a specialized catering building in Lunacharsky Park in Gomel".

6. "Reconstruction of the dry-baranochny section with the device of freezers and a warehouse of finished products at production No. 3 of JSC Gomelkhlebprom on Dimitrova St., 13 in Gomel".

7. "Modernization of RUPTP "Orsha flax mill" with the expansion of production on Molodezhnaya str., 3 in Orsha. The second stage of modernization".

8. "Reconstruction of a capital structure with inventory number 350/S-102345 (specialized retail building) for a specialized sports and recreation and sports purpose building."

9. Metal supports of power lines. Belarusian nuclear power plant.

10. RUE "Belarusian nuclear power Plant". "Construction of a nuclear power plant in the Republic of Belarus. Power output and communication with the power system" 2nd stage. 23 launch complex. VL 330kV NPP-Ross with VOLS.