Vehicle requirements:

Maximum vehicle weight: 3000kg.

Suitable for any vehicles passing in height.

Maximum car width: 2250mm.

The maximum length of the wheelbase is 3750mm.

The lift includes:

  1. Two support legs
  2. One hydraulic cylinder parking platform
  3. An additional synchronization system that solves the problems of uneven weight distribution on the platform.
  4.  Platform breakage protection system. It has a main switch that provides instant, emergency stop.
  5. Each switch has its own key, without which the system cannot be used. At the request of the customer, it is possible to control using a mobile application on the IOS or Android platform, or an individual chip key.
  6. The system uses HVLP type oil, used for extreme temperature fluctuations.
  7.  Hydrostation: voltage -220V - 380V, 50Hz., three-phase motor - 3.0kW.
  8.  The security level complies with the Euro standard DIN EN 294.
  9. dimensions Width - 2550mm.
  10. Height - 3200mm.
  11. Platform length - 4120mm.