Designed for vertical movement of the car between the parking levels and the street. It has one horizontally positioned platform. The system has a horizontal, stable parking platform that lifts the vehicle to the upper level. The lower level of the parking lot is located on the ground. To exit the car from the upper parking level, first you need to remove the car from the lower level. The mechanism is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders built into the mechanism, raising and lowering the parking platform. The presence of a shaft and guides is not required. A powerful hydraulic lifting mechanism, such as scissors, allows you to use this parking system in buildings, car dealers and parking buildings. Easy to install, small size, convenient to use. It is a dependent parking system, for outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to this system, the number of parking spaces is doubled, and the requirements for the installation surface are low. It has a convenient key switch. Technical specifications: Two hydraulic cylinders with breakage lock RVD Automatic locking (optical sensor) Weight 1.0T. Platform size: 4550*2460mm. Load capacity: 2.0t. Lifting height: 1900mm. Power unit: engine power 3KW, (several parking lots can be used by one hydroelectric station). Operation method: Button\key Control method: electric. Drive method: hydraulic. Power supply: 380V,50Hz