Designed for vertical movement of the car between the parking levels and the street. It has one horizontally positioned platform. The system has a horizontal, stable parking platform that lifts the vehicle to the upper level. The lower level of the parking lot is located on the ground. To exit the car from the upper parking level, first you need to remove the car from the lower level. The mechanism is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders built into the mechanism, raising and lowering the parking platform. The presence of a shaft and guides is not required. A powerful hydraulic lifting mechanism, such as scissors, allows you to use this parking system in buildings, car dealers and parking buildings. Easy to install, small size, convenient to use. It is a dependent parking system, for outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to this system, the number of parking spaces is doubled, and the requirements for the installation surface are low. It has a convenient key switch. Two telescopic columns Two hydraulic cylinders Hydroblock An additional synchronization system that solves the problems of uneven weight distribution on the platform. Guide wedges for precise positioning of the vehicle on the platform. The system of protection against the fall of the platform in case of failure of the lifting cylinder. It has a main switch that provides an instant, emergency stop. Each switch has its own key, without which the use of the system is not possible. The key is pulled out only after the parking platforms have stopped completely, in their original position. The hydraulic package allows lifting two or more devices, depending on the volume of the hydraulic pump. The system uses HVLP type oil used in case of excessive temperature fluctuations. An additional option - Anti-corrosion protection "Classic" is the galvanization of the platform as a whole (linear galvanization), conforming to the European standard DIN EN 10142/10143. The remote control with the main switch is installed next to the hydroelectric power station, immediately before the start of installation. The remote control is installed outside the operating area of the platforms on the base, size: length - 200cm. width - 20cm. Hydroelectric power station: voltage - 380V, 50Hz., three-phase motor - 3.0kW. The power line to the main off is 5 x 2.5mm2 or according to local regulations. The security level corresponds to the Euro standard DIN EN 294. The lighting level is DIN 67528 (the lighting level of the parking space and the parking space itself). Specifications The platform is 250cm wide. The maximum load capacity is 4500kg. The length is 5.5 m . The depth of the pit is 230/250 Requirements for vehicles: Maximum weight: 2250kg. Wheel load: 500kg. Suitable for any vehicles passing by height. When installing the option for "S" class cars, up to 5.10m long. Maximum weight: 2600kg. Wheel load: 625kg. The width of the parking space can be increased: 250/260/270cm. Total width of the structure: 280/290/300cm. The length of the pit is 5510cm.