Parkovka rotornogo tipa
Easy to install on a limited area. It is protected from power outages, as it can move manually. Automatic Parking - Commonly referred to as rotary parking, this system is designed to store cars in a vertically rotating structure. The crate with the car to the left or right after the arrival of the car in the parking area. Easy to install on a limited area. It is protected from power outages, as it can move manually. It is a temporary, easily erected structure, therefore it does not require a large number of approvals and permits. Does not require a complex management service, can be controlled directly by the operator. It is placed on the parking area of 2 cars, thereby increasing the efficiency of using the area from 3.5 to 6 times. Main Features Technical characteristics of the elevator-type module The parking module has a lifting mechanism, which is two contours of closed roller chains with car storage cells suspended on them using brackets. The lifting device is an electric cargo lift for special purposes. The number of cars placed is up to 12 cars. The type of parking device is Street, vertical. Characteristics of stored cars Length 5100 mm Width 2000 mm Height 1950 mm Weight 24,500 kg Characteristics of the drive equipment 5.5 kW 3-phase & D motor.C Brake Gear -Worm gear i = 1/140 Brakes- brakes of type AC "B" Rotation speed 3.84 m/min Type of rotation Vertical movement with a chain and sprocket Characteristics of the pallet Size 5200 L X 2100 W The net weight of the crate is 400 kg Characteristics of the electrical part Push-button control method (basic equipment) Electricity source 3-phase, 4-line AC 380V, 50Hz (separate ground line) The electric power of the control device is one phase, AC 220V, 50Hz Functionality Accommodation from 7 to 12 cars in the place of two. Simple operation. Does not require a complex service system. Automatically selects the direction of rotation, thereby saving time and energy. It is a lightweight structure and does not require complex permits and approvals for installation. Safety functions at work It is manufactured according to European quality standards and undergoes strict technical control.